Owning a Profitable Vacation Rental Should Be Easy

Most vacation rentals never live up to their potential. They’re underbooked, take too much time to manage, or just cause too many headaches. Sometimes, even the property management companies that promise to make you more profitable end charging so much that you lose any additional profit they helped create.

At Haven Vacation Rentals, we believe making passive income from vacation rentals should feel a lot more passive.

As property owners ourselves, we know how important it is for each property to earn as much as it possibly can without taking up a bunch of your time.

Our property management philosophy is simple:

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Run it like we own it.

Keep costs low. Fix issues fast. Book it full.

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Wow our guests.

Anticipate their needs. Communicate clearly. Make them want to come back.

By focusing on those two things, our team can help you make a lot more money and get a lot more time.

By the 2nd month after switching to Haven, my combined payout for all 3 of my Pigeon Forge properties was up 63%. By the beginning of the 3rd month, it was already up 40%. The revenues are up and so are the positive reviews from guests. It’s only been 3 months but moving over to Haven has been a great decision.

cabin owner Kent B.

– Kent B, Cabin Owner

Your Management Team

Dennis Rimshaw - Guest Experience Manager at Haven Vacation Rentals

Julia Clayton

Mission Control
Dennis Rimshaw - Guest Experience Manager at Haven Vacation Rentals

Dennis Rimshaw

Keeper of Keys
Guest Experience Manager Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith

Ruler of Randomness
property managers Dylan and Suzanne Robinson

David Bradford

Captain Communication

Madeline Meneley

Owner Ally

Nathan Price


Jasiah McDermott

Dennis Rimshaw - Guest Experience Manager at Haven Vacation Rentals

Chad Gatzlaff

Reverend of Revenue
property managers Dylan and Suzanne Robinson

Andy Price

Opportunity Architect
Dennis Rimshaw - Guest Experience Manager at Haven Vacation Rentals

Matt Carr

Ops Ninja
property managers Dylan and Suzanne Robinson

Dylan Robinson

Creator of Chaos

What We Care About


/ ‘hāvən / noun: a place of safety or refuge.


1) Being a Haven for Guests

By providing great cabins and vacation homes to families, we want to provide a place of refuge and rest from the busyness of life.


2) Ending Poverty and Slavery

By partnering with HOPE International and the International Justice Mission, our goal is for Haven to stand for more than profit.

3) Spreading the Best News

Through those partnerships, we hope to point people to Jesus Christ, who we believe to be the only true place of safety and refuge for men and women everywhere.

Dylan and Suzanne designed and continue to manage a short-term property for us in Tennessee and we could not be more thankful for them! Despite being across the country, we 100% trust the home is in incredible hands. Dylan and Suzanne provide superb customer service to our guests and ensure the property is maintained and kept in good condition. The best part is the property cash flow’s incredibly well every month. The money just keeps rolling in even though we’re not doing any of the work!

cabin owner Julie Barwick
– Julie Barwick
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Let’s Make Your Passive Income More Passive With More Income.